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Car crashes are a leading cause of modern amputations

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Some car crashes lead to significant, potentially life-altering medical consequences. Amputations are among the worst possible injuries people might develop after a car crash. Motor vehicle collisions are one of the leading causes of amputations in the United States. Such injuries often require more compensation than insurance will provide.

Some amputations are traumatic injuries. They occur right at the scene of a crash and put someone at risk of major complications. Traumatic amputations often lead to severe blood loss and an elevated risk of infection. Other amputations are surgical. The body suffers an extreme injury, such as crushing damage to an arm or leg, that won’t heal. Healthcare providers must then remove the damaged tissue because it will hinder someone’s long-term health.

Why amputations are so expensive

Car crashes can cause both surgical and traumatic amputations. Individuals who lose a limb or extremity will often have significant medical care costs associated with that procedure. Not only will they likely need surgery, but they will also require rehabilitation services afterward. They will also typically incur some amount of lost wages while they receive treatment. People may need to change professions because their injuries will keep them from doing the same kind of work in the future.

The basic insurance carried by many drivers will not be enough to fully reimburse someone who loses a body part after a car crash. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help people more fully recoup the financial losses incurred because of a catastrophic injury caused by a wreck.