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3 things to know about a spinal cord injury

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

Car crashes and other types of accidents can lead to the spinal cord becoming damaged. These injuries can be severe for the victims because they sometimes lead to permanent effects.

For those who have suffered a spinal cord injury, understanding a few essential points might be beneficial.

Location of injury determines effects 

The area of the body affected by the spinal cord injury is always below the level of the injury. An injury that’s lower on the spine will affect the legs, but one in the neck area can involve all four limbs.

Complete versus incomplete injuries 

Spinal cord injuries are classified as complete or incomplete, depending on how much feeling or ability to move is below the injury. A complete injury has no feeling or movement in that area because the nerve pathways are entirely severed. An incomplete injury has some nerve pathways still connected, so some movement and feeling are still present. 

Long-term effects can vary 

Long-term effects of a spinal cord injury vary greatly, depending on the type and location of the injury. In some cases, spinal shock, which is an inflammation of the affected tissues, makes the effects appear worse immediately after the injury. When that occurs, the symptoms caused by the spinal shock will decrease over time.

Victims of spinal cord injuries that are caused by another person’s negligence may choose to seek compensation. This is done through a personal injury lawsuit, but there’s a time limit for filing the case in Georgia. Working with someone understanding these cases can help minimize stress and get things moving.