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Client Testimonials And Reviews Of Attorney Stephen LaBriola

There are many factors to consider when choosing an attorney – particularly if you’ve had your life turned upside down by a catastrophic personal injury. Your lawyer should have a successful track record and come recommended by legal peers and ratings organizations. Few things are as persuasive, however, as testimonials given by former clients.

I am Attorney Stephen LaBriola, and for more than 30 years, I have been helping clients seek compensation in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. On this page, you can read feedback, reviews and recommendations from some of those I’ve been fortunate enough to represent.

  • My husband became a quadriplegic in an instant on his way home from work when an 18-wheeler pulled out in front of him, and he under-rode its trailer. I thank God that I was referred to Mr. LaBriola. He went into action immediately and took on the trucking industry and never stopped. He had experts reconstruct the collision and flew all over the country preparing the case. When the insurance company’s lawyers started putting millions of dollars on the table, he counseled us to stay the course. He also put together a series of other attorneys to establish a special needs trust, a guardianship, and a conservatorship. Most of all, he gave us hope. I so needed the hope. His confidence and constant communication kept us going during very dark days.

-Barbara P.

  • Police came to our door on a beautiful, sunny summer day. My mother had gone on her daily bike ride. The police had taped off the street just down from our house, where a delivery truck had run over and killed my mom. She was everything to me and to my two children. I conducted extensive research on who to select as my attorney. I chose Mr. LaBriola because of his thoroughness, his education, his experience, and because he spent hours answering my many questions. He never over-promised, and he was thoughtful and caring. The police did not cite the commercial driver. Mr. LaBriola obtained the dashcam video and was able to work with experts to place the truck precisely on our residential street in each frame of the dashcam video. He obtained experts from California and Colorado and from Georgia Tech’s physics department. I did not want to see the video, but my husband was kept in the loop every step of the way. I cannot thank Mr. LaBriola enough for the tireless work he did on my behalf. He was a blessing to me and my family.

-Serena J.

  • I live in Ohio, am married, and have four children. My son was an honor’s student in college on his way to Florida for baseball spring training when I got news that his bus flew off the Northside bridge on I-75 southbound in Atlanta. The bus driver mistook the left exit with the continuation of the HOV lane on the highway. My boy was killed, along with several others and many who were injured. Mr. LaBriola flew to Ohio to meet with me before we engaged him. He spent time not just with me and my family. He wanted to meet with his teachers and pastor and extended relatives. Our local attorney in Ohio found Mr. LaBriola. This case drew national attention, and we had a huge choice of counsel presented to my family. I am so happy we chose Mr. LaBriola to represent us. There were scores of attorneys representing other parties in the matter, but Mr. LaBriola became the coordinating counsel in Georgia for all the claimants. He stuck with us through thick and thin. I am so grateful for all he did for us.

-Julie H.

  • I am a DACA card immigrant from Mexico. I came to the United States when I was 9. I own a business and pay taxes, but I was never able to get healthcare because of my immigration status. After I delivered my third baby, I began to bleed more than usual, and I had a fever. The doctor who delivered my baby had his clinic between a tire shop and a dry cleaner. He saw me for only a minute or two and said I simply needed to take my pain medication. Later that same day, I was driven to the hospital ER. Six weeks later, I came out of a coma to discovery both my legs had been amputated, and my hands and parts of my body looked burned from the sepsis (infection) I suffered. The doctor had left placenta inside of me after my delivery. The doctor carried only $ 1 million in insurance coverage. Somehow, Mr. LaBriola was able to get my case settled just before trial for multiples of the insurance coverage the doctor carried. Years after the matter settled. I wrote Mr. LaBriola a letter to tell him that he changed my life for the better. I knew he cared about me and was angered by what happened. He fought for me in every sense of the word. I now have a nice house with everything custom-made for my wheelchair. I also drive a special car with hand controls. I would have none of this if it were not for Mr. LaBriola.

-Tania O

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