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Two fall injuries that are especially serious for seniors

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Premises Liability |

A fall from a height can cause serious injuries to just about anyone. However, as people get older, even a “same level” fall can cause potentially devastating injuries. 

People’s bodies change inside and outside as they age. Bones become more fragile and easily breakable. It can be easier to tear muscles and tendons. Spinal cord injuries can be more serious due to previous injuries and pre-existing conditions that affect the spine. 

Let’s look at two types of injuries commonly suffered in falls – especially by seniors – that can be especially dangerous, and potentially fatal. They may require extended hospital stays and rehabilitation time after that.

Hip fractures

All fractures are generally more serious in seniors than in younger people. However, hip fractures can be especially debilitating. They often occur when people fall on their side. Typically, surgery is necessary, followed by time in a rehabilitation facility. Even after that, a person who suffered a hip fracture generally has limited mobility for some time.

These fractures too often result in a downward physical and mental health spiral because people typically need to use a walker or cane as they’re regaining strength and mobility. Fear of another fall often keeps them inside and alone if they don’t have a strong support system around them.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

These are also a common injury in falls, since people often strike their head on the floor or ground, a wall or other hard surface. While a TBI is always something to take seriously, they can be more dangerous for seniors.

That’s in part because as people age their brains shrink. That creates more space between the brain and skull. Further the blood vessels become weaker and more easily torn. All of this can lead to a subdural hematoma and bleeding within the brain that needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

Getting the compensation needed to heal

What’s important to remember is that if someone falls because of a dangerous condition on a property that should have been repaired or at least cordoned off or marked, they probably had the right to hold the property owner liable, regardless of how old they are. Further, the fact that they may require longer hospitalization and more treatment than a younger person would shouldn’t affect their ability to seek the necessary compensation. Having experienced legal guidance can help fall victims get the compensation to which they’re entitled for medical bills and other expenses and damages.