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What losses can people recover after a semi-truck crash?

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Commercial Vehicle Accidents |

People involved in serious motor vehicle collisions often experience major personal setbacks. Some people get hurt, and others have to replace a vehicle because theirs is no longer safe to drive. Many others incur significant injuries.

Certain types of crashes are more likely than others to have a lasting impact on someone’s health, finances and quality of life. Collisions where semi-trucks or 18-wheelers strike four-wheeled passenger vehicles can easily become catastrophic incidents. Smaller Vehicles often cannot withstand the force of impact when a big truck is to blame for a wreck.

Not only is there a higher probability of catastrophic property damage, but there could also be more risk of severe injury in a collision involving a semi-truck and a passenger vehicle. Those involved in collisions usually expect the party at fault to cover their losses. What can people expect to claim compensation for after a semi-truck collision?

People can recover provable economic losses

In general, economic losses are the main contributing element to a compensation claim after a crash. That is as true after semi-truck collisions as it is when vehicles of similar sizes collide. Property damage losses can contribute quite a bit to the value of a claim, as someone might need to buy a replacement vehicle because theirs is no longer safe to drive. Damage to other personal property in the vehicle ranging from personal electronics to professional equipment could also contribute to the total cost of the crash. Medical issues can also contribute to compensation claims.

Those hurt by semi-truck wrecks could potentially seek compensation for hospital bills and likely future medical expenses. They can also request reimbursement for their lost wages. Particularly when someone’s injuries for some to change professions or cease working entirely, they may have hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost wages to recover.

Thankfully, the insurance policies for semi-trucks usually offer $750,000 of coverage or more depending on the circumstances. Those coping with the aftermath of a semi-truck collision may need assistance when negotiating such a sizable insurance claim. People may also need to prepare for a personal injury lawsuit, especially if their losses could exceed the available insurance coverage.

Understanding what costs someone can recoup after a commercial truck crash can help people mitigate the effects of a collision. Those who have proper support may have an easier time getting the compensation they require – and deserve – after a wreck.